Clean to provide a new standard of choose and buy the standard sanitary ware of the five methods

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Clean to provide a new standard for washing function of general technical requirements, and test methods have made detailed provisions, but for consumers, how to choose the good sanitary ware, attention should be paid to the following respects.


1, quality products. Appearance quality, deformation index in the new standard has a corresponding change, the appearance of the product from the original light intensity 300 lx distance visual inspection product 0.5 m, instead of the light intensity 1100 lx distance visual inspection product 0.6 m; While installation parts deformation index was increased, maximum allowable 6 mm, also retains the original standard of surface deformation of 5 mm and the overall deformation of 8 mm. At the same time, as long as meet quite indicators, and its products from the factory will be according to the product (a level, cancelled the original product and the rules of the classy article.


2 have specific provision, sit implement the water. Water-saving toilet requires no more than 6 litres of water, the normal is not more than 9 litres, water-saving squat toilet water use shall not exceed 8 litres, ordinary is not more than 11 liters.


3, sit implement water seal surface area should be no less than 100 x 85 mm, before the surface area of water seal did not explicitly stipulated in the standard, and the increase of the new regulations aimed at better have deodorization effect.


4 should be 50 mm, sit implement water depth, water seal reply should be in more than 50 mm, no matter how to implement the change of the arc at the bottom of the the depth of the water seal should be in more than 50 mm, at the same time when after the flush, water seal reply should also keep in more than 50 mm.


5, form a complete set of requirements and flush device prevent siphon function also have specific provision. Its main role is to ensure that under the condition of water supply and so on negative pressure, the water in the tank can't go back, to prevent water pollution.