Advocate environmental protection and energy saving water-saving sanitary ware industry into a trend

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Over the years, to enhance people's environmental consciousness. Therefore, many enterprises that defend bath on water saving, appeared on the market of different types of water-saving toilet, implement a water from 6 to 9, 2 litres decreasing, 6 litres, is gradually refresh water-saving index. So do you have any more than a country compulsive standard 3-6 litres water saving toilet? Reporters have found a new water-saving toilet, this product is a small water. 4 litres, big block is 3 liters, break a new record of water-saving toilet.


Through the technical personnel to people demonstrated the toilet flushing capacity, using special bucket-tipping device of the outlet of the toilet, be discharged quickly sewage substitute cloth and table tennis, and then skip to return, enclosed in the bottom of the toilet will clean water.


Statistics show, implement water accounted for 40% of the average household water consumption. Calculated at the Beijing water price of 3.7 yuan per ton, this new type water saving toilet seat with common water-saving toilet seat (3-6 liters), compared each pedestal implement water-saving 42.6 tons per year, saving water fee $57, compared with the average 9 litres of implement, water-saving 72.8 tons per year, saving water, 269 yuan.


Have the toilet meidi xiao-mao wu, general manager of wei yu of national patent technology is introduced, they constantly in technology innovation, daring to remove implement inside pelvic cavity of siphon outlet of curved structure, added by box of volume, weight and cylinder automatic torque device, using the gravity lever balance principle, the dirt in the dumping of sewage, to achieve automatic going back water sealing, use multiple features such as flexible and durable, simple operation. Technically broke through years of siphon bend structure, completely subverts the traditional implement working principle, say goodbye to the past way of dilution scour discharge.


In addition, the implement of siphon bend structure, after the sewage row do produce the reverse flow of polluted water, and implement in the bottom water is not enough, easy to produce peculiar smell, indoor air pollution, even if again wash this peculiar smell is difficult to eliminate. Water-saving toilet in the discharge of pollutants by using volume boxes, can effectively put an end to this phenomenon, because when sewage flushing, volume box under the dumping, the sewage can be discharged into the sewer in 3 seconds, and then under the action of gravity, volume box back to balance, with subsequent water seal tank discharge outlet, to form a water seal water, achieve the goal of the smelly isolation.


The new technology research and development of the toilet embodies the new concept of water saving and energy saving, sanitary ware industry advocates environmental protection and energy saving, it will become a new trend in the development of sanitary ware industry.