Sanitary hardware sanitary ware market situation and development direction of the planning

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Sanitary ware industry in endure the test of many, fast swift and violent development of the real estate industry in 2010, will inevitably lead to the development of daily-use hardware sanitary ware industry, daily hardware sanitary ware in the new situation, presents the new tendency, daily hardware sanitary ware products will present the trend of home, more meet the needs of household hardware. Daily hardware sanitary ware design of new products more humane, energy conservation and environmental protection is a new characteristic of daily hardware product that defend bath.


At present, the concept of sanitary ware products, has been far breakthrough the traditional concept of the past. As a modern luxurious life's iconic products, it into every aspect of people's life. Which not only has the function of health and clean, it should also include health care, appreciate, and entertainment functions. In terms of use function, sanitary ware products processing alone appeared churn type, silent type, oblique shock type, straight type, siphon, injection, etc. Wei yu product modelling appeared even the postures, and basin series, even sit implement, the washer, crouch implement, urinal, mop basin, pillar or desktop wash basin, etc. In recent years, sanitary ware products also launched additional have a carefree type basin of bath crock, ark, steam room, and other functions of a series of accessory products. Tend to be more humanized, sanitary hardware products and rich products, can be more selective.


Many locks are on the market at present application in the field of business, and application in the field of business locks for intelligent requirements are relatively high, because you can through a variety of intelligent control, such as fingerprints, retinal control, or other electronic magnetic card information for control. Business applications in the field of locks, its modelling, style and style is not as demanding as civilian, mainly focuses on the electronic intelligent control, intelligent development also is very critical.