The choose and buy sanitary ware have tips Peered at the six elements

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1. Color: sit implement, bath crock, lavatory color should be consistent, color is not easy to deep floor tile, color coordinated and wall brick.


2, quality: toilet, lavatory glaze should be clean, flat nutrient-laden, colour and lustre is glittering and translucent, there is no obvious flaws, there shall be no needle, lack of glaze, tap a crisp sweet without crack, without crack, trademark to clear, all kinds of spare parts is complete, the appearance no deformation, etc. Import clean county and the main difference between domestic sanitary ware in addition to modelling, import clean county body bibulous rate is low, glaze are of good quality and the thickness of the glaze thickness, decorative pattern under the glaze color is not easy to fall off.


3, outlet, the outlet of the toilet with the water drainage and rank, to measure a distance to the tank wall behind the center of the drains, is 210, 305, or 400 M/M. Toilet won't be able to install. The horizontally sit implement the water outlet to equal the height of the nozzle, and rank the best slightly higher, to ensure smooth sewage discharge.


4, water-saving: in today's water rising, section water performance is increasingly important. Tank size does not explain whether water-saving. But in sit implement the structure of the drainage system and water tank fittings design is reasonable, whether the quality pass, is authentic or fake and inferior products. Generally should be show that flush toilet, can claim the relevant state departments detect when buying report, whether section water problem is a system engineering, it involves the fluid resistance of water pipe, the water quality of water pressure and other accessories, etc. If building sewer is cast iron, water pressure is low, choose 6 litres of water toilet is not become truly, can lead to a blunt, secondary impact not saving water instead.


5, bathtub material: cast iron bathtub strength, long service life, but since the big, fast heat dissipation flawed. Steel bath strength, long life, but there is heat faster, the shortcomings of water sound. The scientific names of acrylic bathtubs for methyl methacrylate (mma), also called "organic glass". On the back of the acrylic bathtubs is a layer of glass fiber reinforced resin (FRP), used to enhance the strength of the acrylic sheet. Acrylic bathtubs light weight, heat preservation performance is good, price moderate, hardness is small, but the quality is uneven, as far as possible choose imported special acrylic plate manufacture acrylic bathtubs.


Three-piece 6, hardware fittings, sanitary wares, faucets associated (bathtub faucet, wash basin) should be matched with sanitary ware three-piece, brand, style, condition permits, towel rack and so on also should be the faucet for the same brand products. Bathroom faucet is small role big role, decorate in household in "make the finishing point" role, don't figure to save money to buy counterfeit products, false and inferior product.